Many patients present with diseased tissues of the denture foundation areas secondary to ill fitting dentures. In other situations inaccurate centric relation records and underextended denture borders lead to instability of dentures. Tissue conditioning is an effort to restore the health of the tissues of the denture foundation area before master impressions are made by relining the dentures with temporary denture reliners. The purpose of this program is to outline the methods used in tissue conditioning.

Complete Dentures – Tissue Conditioning — Course Transcript

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  • 2. Tissue Conditioning Inflamed oral mucosa Healthy oral mucosa
  • 3. At the first clinical appt. the patients existing dentures are evaluated for fit and occlusion. If they are found inadequate they can be adapted with temporary denture liners and the occlusion is reestablished using tooth colored cold cure acrylic. Soft tissue conditioning is necessary to improve the health of the soft tissues prior to fabrication of new dentures. The procedure is repeated every 2-3 weeks until the soft tissues appear healthy . Soft tissue conditioner Tissue Conditioning
  • 4. Indications: Discomfort Abused tissues Lack of retention Loss of vertical dimension Loss of vertical dimension Papillary hyperplasia Tissue Conditioning
  • 5. Tissue Preparation: Clinical examination Tissue treatment liner Oral hygiene instructions Surgical procedures as necessary Leave dentures out at night Repeated applications of treatment liner Epulis Fissuratum Candida Tissue Conditioning
  • 6. Tissue Conditioning Procedure Check the flange extensions and shorten as necessary Resin may need to be removed from the bearing surface
  • 7. Tissue Conditioning Procedure Mix material to a smooth creamy consistency taking care to avoid incorporation of air bubbles into the mix. Apply a smooth even layer of the material to the surface of the denture . Before inserting the denture, immerse it into the water bath for a few seconds. Follow the manufacturer’s mixing instructions
  • 8. Tissue Conditioning Procedure Have patient close into centric relation Verify the Vertical Dimension of Occlusion (VDO) Check the midline Wait 10-15 minutes, remove and evaluate the new liner Carefully trim the excess material
  • 9. Gross occlusal discrepancies should be corrected at this appointment Restore VDO in patients with collapsed occlusion. In this patient this has been accomplished by applying tooth colored acrylic resin to the occlusal surfaces and reestablishing centric relation and VDO . Occlusal Adjustment
  • 10. Tissue Conditioning Life span of the material: 2-4 weeks depending upon oral hygiene and oral flora instruct patient not to soak the denture in polident or other denture denture cleansers Note deterioration
  • 11. Healthy Tissues The patient is now ready to proceed with fabrication of new dentures.